Grass Fed

Purely grass-fed for the absolute best beef experience there is.
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No Grains

No grains are used whatsoever to feed your cow when you choose this plan.

Antibiotic Free

This is for those that care about every fine detail with the raising of their food.


Purely Grass & Alfalfa Fed

Your cow will only consume the natural super-salad of pure grass and alfalfa.

Here’s What You Get (And What You Don’t)

The most health concious beef you can get – this is for those that care the most about every fine detail.

No Feedlots

Your cow will be raised humanely, and with plenty of room to graze.

No Artificial Growth Hormones

You can be assured that there are NO artificial growth hormones in your beef – eleminating any health concerns.

No Grain Whatsoever!

With this option, we won’t feed your beef grains of any kind, so you can rest assured you are getting the healthies meat.

Hassle Free

Just pure, quality meat delivered to your door. It’s a piece of steak!

Antibiotic Free

Your cow will be raised naturally, and not pumped with antibiotics.


Purely Grass/Alfalfa Fed

And you probably wondered how we could do it with no grain – well here’s your answer!

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Here’s what a few of our customer have to say about this feed option…
After being raised on burger like this—fresh and red, flavorful and with barely any grease—I just can’t bring myself to buy supermarket meat. It’s great for sloppy joes, hamburgers—or whatever your favorite dish is!

‘Sunday dinner roasts’ are my favorite cut of our own beef. Hamburger can be mixed into many things; steaks can be grilled; but for pure unadulterated flavor, what can top a tender, juicy roast?

I love this beef for grilling. It’s thick and juicy- perfect for the grill. The steaks have the fresh flavor of Real Meat.

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$115.00 / month for 12 months