How it works.

No Farm Needed!

Get Familiar with the Process!

Step 1 

Choose Your Cow

Step 3 

Choose how much beef

Do you want quarter, half, or a whole cow?

Step 5


Feel good that you have an integral part in the raising of your own healthy meat!

Step 2 

Choose feed Ration

Traditional Heritage Grain


Grain Free

Step 4 

track your cow as it grazes each day

Eat Quality.
       No Feedlots.  No Artificial Growth Hormones.  Period.

No Guesswork
You choose the feed ration that best matches your family's needs.  Rest assured they are all developed by certified nutritionist, to make sure your cow is as healthy as it can be.  That way you get good, quality, healthy meat without the guesswork.

Experienced Farmers
Maybe you are a city slicker - don't know the first thing about raising an animal.  You can feel secure knowing that once you choose how your cow is fed, it will be treated in the most humane way possible by an experienced farmer.

Weekly Updates
Have a part in your cows raising!  Log in anytime to see where your cow is in real time, get weekly updates on weight gain and their status, and get notifications when it's their feeding time!  Plus Premium members get monthly postcards with a picture of their cow and a note from the farmer! 


The Right Price for You
There are a multitude of meat options available these days.  But maybe everything is either too fancy and expensive, or so cheap and poor quality you don't feel right eating it.  That's why we have different price points to match you with what you can afford.

Fresh. Easy. Natural.
Your Opportunity Awaits - Wherever you Are!

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Custom Raised has innovated the farming experience to where people from the biggest cities, to smallest hometowns can have a part in the raising of their own beef.  

No longer are you at the mercy of the local supermarket to find quality meat.  You can raise it how you want! 

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