Raise Healthy Meat for your Family.
                                                  Without owning a farm!

Secure your Cow
Get their tag # to track them via GPS
and watch their weight gain and progress!

Choose their Diet
Pick from Traditional Heritage Grain, non-GMO, or Purely Grass Fed.
Never raised on a feedlot or fed artificial growth hormones.

Get Quality Meat
Raised to YOUR Standards!

Once the cow is fully grown, receive your portion delivered to your door - recipes included!  Or choose ready grown beef raised to the same standards you like (limited availability).

Why Custom Raised?

  • Mud Free
  • Fly Free
  • Never have to worry about fencing or  cow escapees!
  • Don't have to learn how to drive a tractor
  • No debts for farm equipment
  • Don't have to buy acres of land or move from the city

Eat Quality.
       No Feedlots.  No Artificial Growth Hormones.  Period.

No Feedlots.  No Artificial Growth Hormones.  Period.

Not Everyone Has the Opportunity to farm.
We're giving You the opportunity.

No Guesswork
You choose the feed ration that best matches your family's needs.  Rest assured they are all developed by certified nutritionist, to make sure your cow is as healthy as it can be.  That way you get good, quality, healthy meat without the guesswork.

Experienced Farmers
Maybe you are a city slicker - don't know the first thing about raising an animal.  You can feel secure knowing that once you choose how your cow is fed, it will be treated in the most humane way possible by an experienced farmer.

Weekly Updates
Have a part in your cows raising!  Log in anytime to see where your cow is in real time, get weekly updates on weight gain and their status, and get notifications when it's their feeding time!  Plus Premium members get monthly postcards with a picture of their cow and a note from the farmer! 


The Right Price for You
There are a multitude of meat options available these days.  But maybe everything is either too fancy and expensive, or so cheap and poor quality you don't feel right eating it.  That's why we have different price points to match you with what you can afford.

Get offers, coupons and
A Free Recipe Book


After being raised on burger like this—fresh and red, flavorful and with barely any grease—I just can’t bring myself to buy supermarket meat. It’s great for sloppy joes, hamburgers—or whatever your favorite dish is! 




'Sunday dinner roasts' are my favorite cut of our own beef. Hamburger can be mixed into many things; steaks can be grilled; but for pure unadulterated flavor, what can top a tender, juicy roast?




 I love this beef for grilling. It’s thick and juicy- perfect for the grill. The steaks have the fresh flavor of Real Meat.



Fresh. Easy. Natural.
Your Opportunity Awaits - Wherever you Are!

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Custom Raised has innovated the farming experience to where people from the biggest cities, to smallest hometowns can have a part in the raising of their own beef.  

No longer are you at the mercy of the local supermarket to find quality meat.  You can raise it how you want! 

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